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Listening Prayer

This page contains audio and video links to music for prayer. Music on this page should be shared with the permission of the performer, or via link to a public website with appropriate attribution.

From Martha Burford (Diocese of Southwestern Virginia), several videos teaching us some prayerful songs, chants, and selections from the BCP set to music by her extraordinary gifts:

“You are in the right place. You are carrying light. God will not let you fall. You are in the right place. You are carrying light. God will hold you through all.”

“God is love, & all who live in love, live in God”

“Turn, listen, taste, and see. Learn what God calls us to be. Learn with all our heart and mind. Learn what God calls us to find.”

A way to begin the day by lifting our voices in song
(this video has both instruction and a group example)

Martha recently wrote a four-part chant setting for A Prayer for Quiet Confidence: She sent it to Paul Vasile (MMC) who did this lovely recording:

The second is Prayer for Trust in God:

The healing we need right now (Tevin Ware)

Two beautiful pieces by a cappella singing group Impromptu

“Si Iniquitates” sung by Impromptu, Richmond, VA, musical director Martha Jones Burford; from the CD _From the Garden_.
This slideshow is part of a blog post on To Muse and to Mull: The music is by Jean Ritchie-arr. Jim Erb and the licensed performance is by Impromptu in Richmond VA.

Some selected songs for this unprecedented time of pandemic distancing.

Some of Jess’ favorite songs from Rich Mullins…first, a song to remind us of Christ’s presence. Followed by a contemporary musical setting of our Apostle’s Creed…

One of Sarah’s favorite listening prayers is “All Shall be Well/Another World” by Ana Hernández. You can listen via SoundCloud here (and buy an album or two of hers as well…she is an amazing woman of music, prayer, and justice)

And another of Ana’s chants with Fran McKendree (which I’ve realized you can also use one full verse of as your 20-second handwashing mantra!)

So many ways and times to pray…

You can also find audio clips from Ana’s listening prayer collection on this page which are from Ana’s book  The Sacred Art Of Chant: Preparing to Practice. I highly recommend purchasing a copy if you want to learn more.