Holy Week

Holy Week & Easter

Resources and Links for Holy Week & Easter at Home

Virtual Stations of the Cross

prepared by Sarah Kye Price, for St. Mark’s Episcopal Church (featuring metal castings from the parish, and reflections from Sarah & her parish)

Walk the Way of the Cross this Holy Week (follow the links above to prayers and reflections)

Compline for Easter Season

Compline for Easter Season (for use at any time). Compline includes Intercessions for a Time of Pandemic, adapted from prayers on pp. 459-460 of the Book of Common Prayer.

A Holy Week Video and Music resource from Martha Burford (Diocese of Southwestern Virginia) and Impromptu:

A resource on Making a Home Altar for Holy Week & Easter “In the midst of the chaos of homeschooling and worries of this world right now, working together as a household to build a home altar or sacred space may be an excellent way to create order and peace.” – Sharon Ely Pearson

Holy Week at Home: Rev. Sarah’s sacred space for this week, including St. Phoebe

An update to my home altar for Easter!

What does your home altar or sacred space look like? Email me a picture, and I’ll post it to our page (PriestSP@stmarksrva.org)

Don’t forget about our Musical Resources page, filled with songs to soothe your soul: St. Phoebe School Musical Resources

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